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Association Croquet Basics

Association croquet is the oldest form of modern croquet-type games. Like Golf Croquet, in Association Croquet there are four balls - blue and black make one team; red and yellow are their opponents.
The object is to get both your balls through all the hoops first and then to hit the peg ("peg out") in the middle of the lawn.
A turn will start (usually) with you trying to hit your ball so that it hits any of the other three balls (called a “roquet”).
.If you do, you pick up your ball and place it in contact with the ball you roqueted (called “taking croquet”). You then play a croquet stroke (with the two balls in contact), sending both your ball and the other (croqueted) ball to (hopefully) strategically chosen positions on the lawn.

Trying for a "roquet", i.e., trying to hit one of the other three balls with your own ball to start a "break" - a succession of shots.


Playing a croquet shot. Note that the player has taken his ball and placed it in contact with the other ball.

You then try to roquet one of the two remaining balls and take croquet again, ideally, each time getting your balls better placed to make your hoop, or, if you are in the right position, you can try to hit your ball through the hoop. You must go through the hoops in a set order. Once you have run a hoop you are “live” on all of the other three balls again and you can continue roqueting and croqueting until you run the next hoop (and the next and the next ...) or until you miss.
At the end of your turn, your opponent has a turn. The balls are not played in any particular order (unlike Golf Croquet). When it is your turn you can choose to play whichever of your balls is most strategically positioned, but you must play the same ball throughout that turn. The game ends when one player/team has “pegged out” both balls.
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