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Hi Lo Competition - May 13 & 14

Congratulations to Sue Hamilton and Di T on your win after a well played Semi and then Final.  

For an event which was mooted as a "practice competition" I sure did see a lot of competitiveness. I also saw numerous well executed strokes and several interesting ones.

Overall, I was impressed with the attitude of competitors, the high standard of play by the newer or first time competitors, and the patience and care shown by the more experienced players when assisting their partners through the competition process.  Well done everyone who participated and thank you for doing so.

There are so many members I need to thank for assisting in various ways and am endeavoring to do so personally, but I must mention Gill who always does an amazing job keeping the show on the road, sometimes under challenging conditions.  Well done, Gill.

Hopefully you are all now looking forward to the next competition
Happy hooping
Kaye Martin
Tournament Manager Hi-Lo  


Hi Lo Competition Result Sheet

Result Sheet of Hi Lo Competition  2005614.jpg
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