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Club Facilities
Coaching 1.jpg
Croquet equipment (mallets, balls, hoops) will be provided. We will set up the lawns, open up the club for you, and give you a brief instruction (that's all it needs) on the game of Golf Croquet.
The clubhouse is quite roomy with tables and chairs that can be moved outside and a small kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave and hot water.
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Your (self) catering can be as lavish or as simple as you wish

At the end of the day a club member will un-set the lawns and lock up.
Our clubrooms and lawnside areas are available for you to do your own catering - food and alcohol. The Club is not licensed.
We recommend a buffet to allow your guests to move freely, play games, eat and socialise, before playing another game.
Two 3m X 3m collapsible marquees can be set up together, adjacent to the court, to provide a substantial shady area for sit-down dining and drinking.
Depending on the size of your party you may need to supply your own glasses, plates and cutlery. An electric BBQ is available for hire.
Club Interior.JPG

Inside our clubhouse


The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, iced & hot water.


Marquees provide a pleasant place to sit and eat or watch the games

Your guests will need to wear flat soled shoes. Of course, a hat and sunscreen on a sunny day are always a good idea. The mallet is swung between your legs so long pants or shorts, rather than a skirt, are recommended.
We have two lawns, so 16 people can have fun playing this fast moving game at the same time.
clubhouse 5.jpg
Games take about 45 minutes or less. So it is usual for people to play a bit, rest, then play again
Please note: Minimum age for players is 12 years. Younger children are welcome but they must be supervised at all times and they must not be allowed to stray onto the lawns. An enthusiastically hit ball can cause serious damage to little feet and legs.
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