November 2020
in the time of COVID-19!

Dear Croquet Friends,

We welcome to our Club new members Connie Kennedy and Barbara Newton who have
joined since last Newsletter. We look forward to meeting them on the lawns and formally
welcoming them along with all 2020 new members, at our Club Christmas Party on
Friday 4 December from 4.30pm. We hope to be able to invite partners but that will depend
on numbers closer to the time and the status of COVID-19 restrictions.

Christmas is coming and COVID-19 is going.
Let’s celebrate together.
Get to know new and old members.
On Friday 4 December from 4.30pm, join us for an outdoor ‘picnic’ and croquet.
Bring your own food. Sorry, no sharing of meals!
Bring your own glass/mug. The Club will provide drinks.
Play games to 5 hoops with teams drawn out of a hat.
Social distancing will be ‘de rigueur’.
Christmas-themed attire if you wish

This celebration will give us the opportunity to meet all of our 2020 new members: Irene Craig, Bernie Desmond, Colin Eccleshall (returned), Connie Kennedy, Julie Lawson, Brendan Lloyd, Jennifer Nance, Barbara Newton, Eve Smith, Tracey Ward, Chandra Weerasinghe. 

Croquet NSW COVID Guidelines (20 October 2020) from the NSW Government and Office of Sport currently allow us to have 10 people on a lawn and 50 people at the venue although, due to space, only 18 are allowed in the Clubhouse. There is still to be no food preparation in the kitchen; hence a BYO outdoor picnic for our Christmas Party, with drinks on the Club.

I wish you all a safe, healthy and enjoyable time at Coogee Croquet Club.

Robert 041941927

News of Our Members
Pauline Wright  has been in Tasmania for all of COVID-19. Robin and Helen Sen noted in a message to Pauline, ‘From time to time people ask, “Where is Pauline?”’.
Pauline has replied: ‘Dear Robin & Helen, Thank you for your email. It was nice to hear from you. I am in Tasmania at present as I feel safer here with all the turmoil going on in the world. However, I hope to return to Sydney sometime in the new year. I am missing the activities and the music concerts which I love to attend but of course they are not happening now. In September I enjoyed a short break in Coles Bay. Freycinet National Park is a very scenic area on the East Coast. Please remember me to all at croquet. I hope you are all enjoying good health as I am. Stay safe and be positive. Cheers, Pauline’ 


Dorothy Marshall is in St Vincent’s Hospital after breaking her hip in a fall at Summit Care Aged Care Home in Waverley. We wish her all our good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Remembering Peter Dye’s excellent croquet skills

Peter died in April this year. His daughter Jane Brownlow has written to say: ‘I feel fairly certain that Dad would have liked to have his mallet donated to the Croquet Club, so please use it as you wish for the Club members - Dad would be happy knowing it was providing enjoyment for others. Kind regards, Jane.’


Peter Hall is now playing at Strathfield Croquet Club as well as Coogee. Peter and friends Bob Phillips and Ruth Bridger at Strathfield have created a World Premiere of A Taste of Croquet: Croquet Evolution. Try for a direct connection through YouTube. Peter suggests watching the hedgehog near Alice's left foot.

Croquet Evolution is a 15-minute video. It traces the evolution of croquet from just a game played by bored shepherds with sticks and stones, through to the world-wide game it now is. It is presented with a light and humorous touch, highlighting matters such as the influence of the lawn mower on the game, the evidence that Billy the Kid was a player, the reputation for licentiousness it gained, and its appearance at the 1900 Olympics. The video concludes with a visual summary of the state of the game and an invitation to the viewer to visit a club and have some fun playing the game. 

Party Time for External Hirers at the Club
During the festive season, between now and the New Year 2021, the Club has several
external bookings for community members wishing to play croquet with their friends or
work colleagues. Each booking has been added to Skedda. Visitors are not permitted to
prepare food in the kitchen or use kitchen equipment, cutlery and crockery, and must
respect social distancing restrictions. I will be seeking volunteer members to help – to open
the Clubhouse, introduce visitors to the great game of croquet, and lock up afterwards.
Hiring fees provide funds for our Club. Thanks for your support. I’ll be in touch!
Rosemary King, Social Hire Representative 0402 302 983.

Our booking system is working well to keep us playing, but suitably apart! Here is an
important Skedda message: Government COVID restrictions require us to use a booking
system that includes the names of everybody playing on the lawns for every game, for
contact tracing purposes. Please ensure that ALL players are listed for each booked time,
not just the name of the person making the booking. NB: Don’t forget to note your
attendance on the sign-on sheet when you arrive. Contact Helena Potter, our Secretary, on
0406 969 439 if you are unsure how to operate Skedda.

Open Play
The three sessions of OPEN PLAY are working well, for all comers each week. It is fun to
connect with lots of players. More details on playing times are listed here. NB: Don’t forget
to note your attendance on the sign-on sheet when you arrive.
6.30 - 8.00am External Hiring
8.30 - 10.30am Ricochet.
8.30 - 11.30am on November 3, 10, 17 and 24, City East Community College Course,
5.30 - 7.30pm External Hiring.
8.30 - 10.30am Association Croquet,
2.30pm onwards OPEN PLAY
4.30pm onwards Ricochet
6.30 - 8.00am External Hiring,
8.30 - 10.30am Association Croquet,
2.30pm onwards OPEN PLAY
8.30 - 12.30pm Ricochet,
2.30pm onwards OPEN PLAY
External Hiring 7.30 - 10.30am,
10am-5.00pm some Sundays, as booked on Skedda

Greens Report – Mike Martin
As everyone would notice, growth season has returned and lawn 2 is coming along slowly and will be used as a full lawn for the upcoming Club Singles Handicap Championship.

The remainder of the lawns have responded well to some TLC. Thanks to all members for their patience when not being allowed to play during wet times.
It is appreciated not only by me but also the grass, I know because I talk to it all the time.
Mike Martin, Greens Manager

Games Captain’s Report – Val Lloyd
What a mixture of weather we have had lately. Please be mindful of the emails from Mike Martin when lawn closures become necessary. Thanks Mike.

Welcome to our new members. We hope that you will enjoy the play and company. Next Friday 13 and Saturday 14 Nov sees the Singles Handicap Golf Croquet Competition – the final comp for the year. We have 14 players lining up to play in 2 blocks. Good luck to all players. Have fun!!!

Please note that there will be no OPEN PLAY next Friday and Saturday as the Singles Handicap Competition is running.

The Mayor’s Cup results will be forthcoming within the next few weeks.

Playing away:

Kaye and Mike Martin and Val Lloyd all played in the Mosman Prize Golf Croquet Competition last weekend, with Kaye also refereeing in between playing games. Such a beautiful venue overlooking Sydney Harbour even through the clouds. Overall a WET weekend but as always ‘The Show must go on ...’. In spite of the majority of matches being played in the rain we all enjoyed the experience and will be back next year. The advantage of playing away is the opportunity to play with others from different clubs and the friendships that this brings.

Rosemary and Robert King visited Orange recently and enjoyed playing at Orange Croquet Club with friendly members. Robert King is playing in the Croquet NSW Golf Croquet Champion of Club Champions on 14-16 November at CNSW HQ Tempe. Why not visit the Forster Croquet Club in March 2021? See the invitation in this Newsletter.

Ricochet is taking off, albeit slowly. Those that are playing are enjoying the opportunity to expand their understanding of the tactical challenges presented. See the timetable above.

There has been good attendance at the Open Play afternoons. See the timetable above.

After the last competition at Coogee, Kaye Martin, our Referee, picked up on a variety of faults from a number of players not least of which were crushes and double taps. As a result, Kaye offered to hold a couple of workshops, one for lower and one for higher handicap players. The lower group had a very disappointing turnout, but those of us who attended learned a lot. The higher handicap players turned up in very pleasing numbers and appreciated the calm and pleasant way Kaye explained each fault. Thank you, Kaye. More please…..see Kaye’s ‘Rule School’ in this Newsletter.

Stay Safe and enjoy playing. Val

Just an aside from Val!!!

Our club T-shirt and vest were so much admired by another club as we played away, that they have already spoken to the manufacturer!!!!!
Rosemary King 0402 302 983 will order for you, a white T-shirt, navy jacket and vest with our logo.
          Embroidery costs if you provide a white T-shirt: $8.00.
          T-shirt Long sleeve with collar: $11.50 (+ gst) + $8.00.
          T-shirt Short sleeve with collar: $9.50 (+ gst) + $8.00
          Navy polo fleece Jacket ($27.00) and Vest ($15.00) are available too