Club Newsletter

Late June 2020
in the time of COVID-19!

Dear Croquet Friends, One and All

It is great to see so many members being able to play, despite the restrictions. Our latest advice from the Croquet NSW Board indicates that we are still obeying all the rules. Here are the salient issues, from an email sent to our Secretary Helena, on 28 May 2020. We have no further information.

  • CNSW has now been advised that we may move to up to 10 players playing at the same time with the normal Health Orders still in place. 

  • Hygiene and social distancing protocols will not change for the foreseeable future.

  • CNSW is being reassured that as COVID case numbers reduce and in sports where there is minimal contact, the concern has moved toward the negative effects of not playing and any ongoing issues related to mental health. 

  • We suggest clubs are extremely mindful when playing GC doubles, Gateball or coaching about maintaining the correct distances.

Best wishes and have fun playing! 

Robert 041941927

CCC Club Fees:

You will have received an email from Werner Kos, our Treasurer, about paying your Club Fees AFTER 1 July 2020 (and preferably before the AGM). 

Coming up!

Our AGM is scheduled for Saturday 11 July. Helena Potter, our Secretary, has emailed you, with advice on holding the AGM, with social distancing rules set by the Government.

Already happening:
Our cleaner Karen is cleaning and sterilising the Clubhouse each week. Our long-term hirer Jeremy Godwin is back in the Clubhouse with Meditation sessions every Sunday 7.30am-9.00am and every Tuesday 5.30pm-7.30pm. Please note that the Club is booked all day on Sunday 28 June and Sunday 12 July for private functions. Rosemary King 0402302983

Result of 9 and Over Handicap Golf Croquet Competition

$3,000 Grant

Thankyou Steve Burns, our Vice President responsible for Grants and Plans. Steve has secured a further grant of $3000.00 from the State Government. Marjorie O’Neill MP presented the huge cheque at a small celebration in June. We are hoping to use this and other funds for wise water use.

Congratulations To Winner Michael Martin & Runner Up Sue Hamilton

Playing a tricky shot with eagle eyed Kaye Martin as referee.

Read Kaye’s wash up of the competition later on.

Tournament News

Games Captain Val Lloyd and Sue Hamilton Tournament Manager, assisted by Games Committee members Gill Wilson and Robert King, ran a very smooth competition for the Singles Handicap 9 and Over Golf Croquet (for the Bruce Notley-Smith Award). COVID-19 restrictions were well managed. Kaye Martin managed to compete and referee when not playing. Read her referee’s comments later.


Coming up

Doubles Open Golf Croquet Competition on Friday 24 July/Saturday 25 July.
Closing date Friday 10 July

Singles 8 and Under Handicap Golf Croquet Competition on Friday 21 August/Saturday 22 August.
Closing date Friday 7 August.

Message from Val Lloyd, Games Captain.

Firstly, I would like to add my congratulations to Mike, Sue, Kaye, David and all those that played in the 9 and Over Comp. I was very delighted at the standard of all players and the friendly and good spirited way in which all matches were played. Wow, there were some close calls!!!

I do urge you to listen to Kaye when she notices our mishaps, we are so lucky for being kept on the right track, whether or not we agree with certain rules??!!

As we get back slowly to the new normality it is my hope that I will get the opportunity to play with all members at some point.  I will be in touch??!

Also, as the standard improves at the rapid rate it has so far, we are hoping members will take the chance to see how ‘the other half lives’, go to other places to compete and meet other players with similar interests. Please talk to me any time if you want to know more. The first opportunity is the NSW 9 and Over Handicap Comp being hosted at Mosman in July. Singles 17 to 19 July and Doubles 15 and 16 July. Kaye has already entered and has info. Car pooling can be arranged. You can access info by going to the Croquet NSW website.

A big thankyou to the Executive Committee plus, for keeping things running as they do.  It is so much appreciated. In the meantime, please keep playing and enjoying play as I am.


As you may have heard filtering through the club chatter, Games Committee members are keen to introduce the game of Ricochet to the Club.

Many clubs are now having it as another game option for the following reasons:

1).     Motivation!!!

2).     Length of games is approximately one hour, give or take a little.

3).     Can be played as singles or doubles.

4).     Pushes the boundaries more, so is a challenge.  A tactical game.

5).     Whether or not a player is on the lawn, concentration on the game is required.

6).     A very satisfying game.

7).     Classed as fitting in between Association Croquet and Golf Croquet, so a great lead into AC.

Four Games Committee members are having a workshop to learn the game in July and after that hope to encourage other Club members to participate.

Please talk to any of the Committee if you are interested to learn and enjoy which I guarantee you will! 

Val Lloyd, Games Captain