Golf Croquet Basics

The Turn  The first turn of a game starts when the game starts.  All subsequent turns begin when the previous turn ends.
A turn ends when all balls moved as the result of a stroke have stopped or have left the court or when a stroke is deemed to have been played.
It is a fault if a player strikes their ball before the previously played ball has stopped.
It may be a requirement that each player is to play a stroke or declare that a stroke has been deemed, within one minute of the end of the last turn. The 1 minute requirement is optional and Coogee Croquet Club has decided that it will apply.  The existence of this requirement does not permit players to wait for one minute before playing.

Striking Period The striking period starts when a player takes a stance with apparent intent to play a stroke and ends when they quit their stance under control.  If the player does not quit their stance under control, the striking period ends when the turn ends. Faults occur only during the striking period.

Stroke  A stroke is an action by a player, usually intended to cause a ball to move by striking it with a mallet.  A stroke is played by the striker by striking the striker's ball.

A stroke is played when:

a) a player’s mallet contacts the ball they intended to play during the striking period, whether deliberately or accidentally; or

b) a player declares their stroke to have been deemed with the ball they nominate.

If, during the striking period, a player accidentally contacts one ball with the mallet while intending to strike another ball, they have committed a fault and played a stroke with the ball they intended to strike.
A stroke is not played if a player misses or fails to reach the ball they intended to strike. (The Turn, Striking period and Stroke Rule 6)