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Joining Our Club

New members are always welcome.

Yearly subscription
Membership fees become due on the 1st of July each year.

Payment must be made before the Annual General Meeting to enable members to vote at that meeting and in any case, must be made before the 31st July for continuity of membership.
There has been a small increase in the membership fee for the 2022/23 year.

Adult Club Membership Fee is $410 plus $50 CNSW affiliation fee. The annual membership fee may be paid as a once only fee of $460, or there is  the option to pay in two instalments, the first being $255 and the second $205.
When paying the second instalment, payment is due 1st of January 2023 and must be made before the 31st of January for continuity of membership and to be entitled to vote at the General Meeting at the opening of the new season. 

Junior or University Student Fee (from 12-year-old to 25 year old full time student) is half the Adult Fee.
The preferred method of paying membership fees is via direct deposit to the Club's account, using your name as the reference to help identify and correctly record your payment.  If you are unable to deposit funds electronically, payment by cash or cheque can be accepted by the treasurer.​
Note: All payments will be acknowledged via an emailed receipt in due course.
Green Fees
Members' green fees are included in the annual membership.

Green Fees for Non-Members:
       1.    Prospective members, first TWO visits free, thereafter $10.00 per day for up to 6 visits, at                   which time you will be asked to become a member.
       2.    Visitors Affiliated to croquet clubs anywhere, $5.00 per day.
       3.    Guests of CCC Members, $5.00 per day for up to 6 visits at which time you will be asked to               become a member.
       4.    ALL other visitors $10.00 per day.
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