Wrong Ball Play Because we had so many incidents of wrong ball play in the singles competition, I would like to do an on-court training session on this alone. It was not so much playing the wrong ball, as not knowing what action to take after the stroke.
This is what I would like to demonstrate on Friday 20 March at 1.30. 

Members please note: All inter and intra club competitions have been cancelled.

At 2pm on Friday 20 March in the Clubhouse, John Rooney from Coogee Surf Life Saving Club will provide a refresher on the use of the Defibrillator.
SOCIAL HIRING (Rosemary King)
In March we have a social hiring event every Sunday. Thank you for volunteering to introduce guests to the great game of golf croquet.
We are looking for volunteers to put the marquees up and down before some hirings. At present Kaye and Mike Martin and Robert and Rosemary King do this job, but we need another team to take turns. Let me Rosemary King 0402302983 know please.
The Hi/Lo Doubles Competition 
The Hi/Lo Doubles Competition on 17/18 April is our NEXT Coogee Club Competition. The closing date for entry is Friday 3 April.
Keep enjoying your Croquet. I am thrilled with the improvement in the standard of play. Val
(Val Lloyd, Games Captain /Pennants Divisions 1 & 2 and Kaye Martin, Division 3)
Pennants for Divisions 2 and 3 will be played throughout March, April and May. Division 1 is held later in the year.
Please note the days for the HOME games when we hope members will be able to come and watch and support their team.
We will need some help with catering on these days so if you can spare some time please let Val know at
Division 2 (Handicaps 5-8) All morning games.
Wed 11 March Coogee v Manly at Manly  
Monday 25 March Coogee v Chatswood at Coogee 
Mon 30 March Coogee v Mosman White at Mosman 
Thursday 16 April Coogee v Cheltenham at Coogee 
Wednesday 22 April Coogee v Mosman Blue at Coogee 
Friday 1 May Coogee v Royal Sydney CC at RSCC 
Division 3 (Handicaps 9 and over)  
Thurs 5 March Coogee v Marrickville at Marrickville   9.00 for 9.30 hit off
Friday 6 March Coogee v Mosman White at Mosman   9.30 for 10.00 hit off
Wed 18 March Coogee v Cheltenham at Cheltenham   9.30 for 10.00 hit off
Tues 31 March Coogee v Royal Sydney at Coogee   9.30 for 10.00 hit off
Wed 8 April Coogee v Manly at Manly     9.00 for 9.30 hit off
Tues 21 April Coogee v Mosman Blue at Coogee   9.30 for 10.00 hit off.
Referee’s Pre-Competition Rules Recap (Kaye Martin)
  1. My 2¾ minute preamble starts appropriately with the toss. It is actually a rule that the winner of the toss plays with Blue or Green. There is not an option to say, ‘I will hit off second’. Rule 5
  2. Following with the Hit Off – some players strike their first ball then stand there until it comes to a complete stop.  Once you have relaxed your stance, better to move off and allow the opponent to take position.  After hitting your second ball, follow it towards Hoop 1 and begin evaluating your second stroke. Keep the game moving at all times.
  3. From Hoop 1 to 2.  We’ll be having double banked games.  The second game doesn’t start when hoop 2 is run.  It is to start after all balls have been cleared from hoop 2 towards 3.
  4. It shouldn’t be necessary to mention this again – but it is. Be mindful of where you are standing in relation to the striker: Out of Sight, Silent and Stationary.
  5. Faults. We have FIVE CCC members in recent weeks noticed playing a stroke, (THREE of them are in this comp), in which contact between the ball and the mallet is maintained – therefore a push and/or double tap. Generally, this occurs in a hampered position or when trying to move the ball a very short distance usually into the jaws of, or just in front of the hoop. This must be a crisp tap.
  6. Hampered shots must be watched carefully; looking for double taps, crush, push or edge of the mallet strokes which of course are faults. Hampered means a ball against or almost, the hoop, or in close proximity to another ball.
  7. The Jump shot.  Ask someone to watch it, ie the ref, your opponent or a spectator. Will they know what they are they watching for?  Typically, the person should stand behind the striker to determine whether or not it is a jump clearly through the hoop. Watching from the side is ineffective. The watcher should also make sure the striker is not touching the head of the mallet with any part of their hand. They should also be watching the steepness of the angle at which the mallet comes down onto the ball and ensure it is not a push, double tap or played on edge of the mallet rather than the face.  The smaller the angle the greater the likelihood of a fault.

    When not playing I will be refereeing.  The rest of the time there is Rule 15 which in part says ‘All the players in a match are joint referees of the game and responsible for the  fair and correct application of these Rules.’
    Enjoy your games and good luck.