Kaye Martin, our Happy Hooper keeps you on your toes:

Scene 1.

Red is played into the jaws of hoop 4.
Black attempts a jump shot, misses and runs beyond hoop 4.
Yellow plays a clearing shot on Blue, sending Blue towards the southern boundary (club house end). Yellow stops directly in front of, and close to, hoop 5.
Blue, once hoop 4 is run will be in the offside position, played there by the opponent.
Blue has a good line on Yellow sitting in front of hoop 5 as well as a shot at clearing Red back
through the hoop. However, because she was hit to the offside position by her opponent, she is
considering deeming.

Q.1 If Blue does deem, and Red then runs the hoop, is Blue legitimately offside and therefore not to be penalised?

Scene 2.

The owner of Blue decided not to deem, and with Red yet to run hoop 4, he cleared Yellow
from its position in front of hoop 5 and stopped in a nice position in front of the hoop.

Red then completed the running of hoop 4.

Q.2 Which, if any, of the two balls Blue and Yellow, both close to hoop 5, is offside?

A1. If the owner of Blue deemed and then Red ran the hoop, Blue would be offside. Deeming is the same as hitting his own ball to that offside position. Therefore, it may be penalised by being directed to the penalty area. Rule 8.2.1

A2. Neither would be offside as they reached their position as the result of contact with the
opponent’s ball. Rule 8.3.3

Thanks to David Burden and Trevor Zabow for this scene

Happy hooping, Kaye