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Ricochet Basics

Ricochet sits between Golf Croquet and Association Croquet and was invented as a training game. (It was originally developed in Adelaide, by John Riches and Tom Armstrong.) However many clubs now play it as a game in itself, and there are inter-club tournaments happening regularly.  
The game takes a bit longer than Golf Croquet (at least for most of us) and the hoops are set out a bit differently, but the basic skills are the same. The tactics are different and make the brain work a bit harder at the beginning.
However, it is not difficult to learn.
Some Ricochet Tactics
Clearances  -
In Ricochet the most important factor is to be able to make a Roquet (your ball hitting another ball). You get a lot of practice at this, often at quite long distances. 
Approach shots  -
Because you get two shots after making a Roquet, you can often use one shot to position in front of the hoop and the second to run the hoop. 
Placing balls after the shot  -
When you make a Roquet it is very important where your ball and the other ball end up. The things that billiards, snooker and pool players do well when playing Golf Croquet.
For all these things, Practice may not make Perfect, but it certainly helps
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