Guidelines for play are:

•    MAXIMUM of 20 people at the Club at any one time
•    Don’t come to the Club if you are feeling sick or fluey or even mildly off
•     When you come, don’t stand, sit or play near anyone (Remember 1.5metres / two arms’ length distance from each other on the greens and inside the Clubhouse)
•    Bring your own water bottle (labelled) and food, hand sanitiser and towel, plastic cup or mug. Cups and glasses cupboards are not accessible. Return your cup/mug to your bag after using it.
•    Food should not be consumed inside the Clubhouse.
•    Preferably leave your bag outside the Clubhouse on a bench.
•     If you need to go into the Clubhouse, to collect/deposit your mallet, to use the toilet, the kitchen sink or fridge you will need to clean away your germs and those of friends who came before you.
•    Soap and water are your very best hand treatment, but door handles, toilet seat, taps, table tops and pens need to be wiped. Don’t use them unless you wipe them afterwards.
•    Being aware of your responsibility to protect others as well as yourself is crucial.

The greens will be available every day of the week at four times slots:
•    Early morning up to 10.30am
•    10.30am until 12.30pm
•    12.30pm until 2.30pm
•    After 2.30pm.


To ensure that a green is available you will need to BOOK A TIME. It is up to you to find a partner with whom to play.


Our Secretary, Helena Potter, has agreed to handle bookings and




or use her email  (

Do not come to the greens or book a game unless you have arranged a partner.

The following advice applies to Members only.

Current restrictions mean that we cannot make the courts open to one and all. Everyone must make a booking to play. When you book, add the names of other players in your group. Please do not come to the club without knowing with whom you are playing. 

It is essential to sign the Members’ Attendance Book every time you come to the Club, for contact tracing purposes.

Update on COVID-19