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Visiting our Club

Non-Members are welcome to visit the Club and play croquet.

Note: visitors may be asked to become members after 6 visits in a calendar year.

Green Fees for Visitors:


  • All visitors playing croquet, $10.00 per day.

  • Prospective members attending introductory sessions, $10 per day (up to 2 visits).

This fee is refunded if membership is taken out within 3 months of the last session.

All visitors and guests must record their attendance in the visitor book.

Email for more information,

OR if you are an experienced player, drop by during one of the general open play sessions and introduce yourself to join a game.

Current open play session times are:

Monday: 8:30-12:30 doubles, 14:30-dusk singles

Wednesday: 14:30-dusk doubles

Thursday: 10:30-12:30 singles

Friday: 14:30-dusk doubles

Saturday: 12:30-dusk doubles

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